Clannad v2018 BDRemux

They’re here ☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆
Once again, embark on an audiovisual experience that I like to call “The Journey”.
The Journey consists of both seasons of Clannad plus OVAs, shaped as a BD Remux with 5.1 LPCM audio and SS-Eclipse subs that got revised multiple times over the years.
The Journey is to be taken once a year during the deepest winter month and should not be interrupted by other series until Afterstory ep22.
The Journey must not last longer than seven days, else you fail.
While taking the Journey, you are free to use any kind of substance strengthening your experience (although I would recommend weed and pizza or beef fillet to go with it and avoid alcohol or uppers).

Stuff you don’t know is that I was actually not wanting to watch the KyoAni trilogy and initially started out with Kanon 2006 after giving it a second and then a third thought.
The inital issue bugging me were their huge eyes which I wasn’t ready for after having watched only ~30-40 series at that point (talking late 2009).
After the trilogy, however, I went to look for more of these “drama series”, stumbled over KGNE & SD then Ecchi, Slice of Life series, Evetaku’s IRC, Railgun, magic, here I am.
Also, the original goal of my blog was not to release either King of Thorn or Clannad or Shuffle, but the Kanon 2006 Blurays because they had left me speechless, but yeah…
Then, I became “Squiggy’s Animecorner” and “S-Fanrips” using the tag [S] and worked on King of Thorn instead of these BDs because I couldn’t encode for shit and had no idea what Aegisub even was.
After trying to encode Kanon & the Working! DVDs and failing at that too, I also failed at encoding the Ookami Kakushi DVDs and gave up on encoding anime myself until April 2015.
A more detailed version of the actual [Tsundere] backstory can be read on the About page.
Another thing you never knew is that I also failed releasing Air TV, Ikkitousen and El Cazador de la Bruja… it was either Ikkitousen or Joshikousei that confronted me with fansubs.
Now you know more stuff, isn’t that great?
It’s always my utmost pleasure, putting a 300GB torrent on Nyaa and wait for people to complain about the size, “bad encoding” and the lack of flac.
This year’s version has only minor to no differences when compared to the 2017 version, but still is a complete, new remux from the BDISOs with the most recent scripts added to the files.

Torrent (NT)

11 thoughts on “Clannad v2018 BDRemux

  1. U.S. Grant

    Many thanks for your release. By the way, I have thought that we get German audio also, because you have written that it is not as bad as you compared with Digimon. That is funny, because your rand about the German version was to the contrary in your post a few years ago.


    1. ninjacloud

      Thanks Squiggy, it is always good to do better things each time you release.
      Also U.S. Grant, don’t ruin the version of next year that may have multi-audio tracks :)


    2. squiggy Post author

      Naah you got that part wrong… I wrote that Digimon is the most nervewrecking series for me and not Clannad :)
      Clannad’s GerDub is outright awful and the VAs deserve to die.


  2. NiTr0gLiTcH

    Thanks c:
    Just asking, re u still using the bdremux cuz of some kind of good quality/not required encode in the source?



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