Murder Princess (v2) OVA DVD

In the kingdom of Forland, a côup d’état occurs which leads to the death of the King.
In the last moments of his life, the King sends his second child, Princess Alita Forland to escape.
Unfortunately, while fleeing, a life and death situation between Alita and the bloodthirsty bounty hunter Falis causes the two of them to switch bodies.
Desperate for the safety of her Kingdom, Alita begs Falis to return and protect the Kingdom, offering herself as collateral.
After a swift beating on the rebel forces, Falis resumes the title of Princess of Forland, leading to the birth of the most savage princess in their land, the “Murder Princess.”

A renewed version of my 2012 release using fresh encodes from the R1DVD instead of cheap share-raws – now available in 576p/10bit with ac3 audio.
Little overcropping was done to keep the AR error percentage as small as possible.
The subs were by [Ayu] back then and they still are, with adjustments I made to the scripts for the initial Murder Princess release, plus a second pass to align them to the new set of raws.

Torrent (NT)

3 thoughts on “Murder Princess (v2) OVA DVD

    1. squiggy Post author

      Ye sure i’m just doing my usual “disappear and reappear” thing.
      Small depression-like state last month, also got my head crushed on a door which included a hospital visit (yaaay), influenza etc…
      The usual



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