Clannad Za Muvi

Tomoya hates his life, meets Nagisa, holds a play with her led by Ibuki-sensei, SEVEN years timeskip, Nagisa is now dead and Ushio’s alive, daddy issues are never resolved, no sunflowers, movie ends.
What a terrible piece of shit.

Subs by SS-E, with little retiming and styles aligned to my own Clannad (series) release.
Normally I’d say “please enjoy” but… I’m just grossed out by everything concerning this movie, so just grab it and forget about it.

Torrent (NT)


9 thoughts on “Clannad Za Muvi

  1. Tykee

    clannad the movie is a horrible one, still thanks for the release.
    artstyle and storyline suck, like a low-budget hentai animation


      1. Hary

        No problem my friend. Enjoy your time. We will always waiting for your release.
        So glad that you will sub FMP IV Blueray.:)



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