How do I download movies again? In 2018?

Nobody does that anymore, you say.
Everyone nowadays streams netflixes and amazons and shit on their iphones and hipstertablets or actually buys it because he’s afraid of being a pirate.
But I’m neither – I just wanted to grab a movie, the old fashioned way.
I’ve been a pirate since 2001 and am always willing to set sails.

So I went and looked for a zippyshare DDL, to no avail.
Then I went for a uloz DDL, to no avail.
The movie in question is Kingsman in BD 1080p, h264 in German.
So I consulted my ALT and got a release but without a Webseed, so nope to that.
My way took me to a gas station where I wanted to buy a PSC for a 3months S-O account, but OH WOW, the limit had exceeded.
On Sunday.
In a small city.
Fuck you, whoever you are.

S-O doesn’t accept paypal, neither does so I couldn’t get a premium there without a PSC. Fuck.
Okay, time to buy a multihost account that is surely able to grab it from some hoster!
Or so I thought… premiumize doesn’t take nor share-online, so I tried grabbing NZBs which turned out to be fake files – whee.
After closing about 50 open tabs with dead ends, I gave it a last try: Amazon Prime!
And see, the movie isn’t included in my amazon prime account.
Fuck this shit, for fucks sake.

I’m utterly disappointed and mad now.
Kinox lastly delivered again and I can finally enjoy my movie on some random openload stream after looking for a mere two seconds. (in SD… reencoded and bitratestarved.. great).
I hate everyone who buys PSCs on SUNDAYS, I hate PREMIUMFUCKERY, AMAZON and MULTIHOSTERS! Everything related needs to die the fuck out or burn in hell for making my Sunday evening – after THREE DOUBLE SHIFTS – THIS UNCOMFORTABLE!
You people need to die!

10 thoughts on “How do I download movies again? In 2018?

  1. pcsuchti

    First place I tend to check for movies is but as always with this stuff the older links often end up dead because of copyright bullshit…


  2. anony

    It gets worse: Eventually they will fragment the internet behind paywalls and regionlocks. Good luck getting anything from anywhere that isn’t a darknet double-encrypted hive of scum and villainy.


    1. janik2009

      The only problem was the psc trouble at sunday. For german fellows there are a lot of sites to download movies, games and other stuff. But in most of the cases you need a premium account to download with full speed which is an necessary but acceptable evil imo. You pay around 3-5€ per month with nearly unlimited access to all stuff you want.
      The bad boy in this story seems to be the gas station and tbh I NEVER heard of something like “limit of psc’s exceeded” lmao. Quite misfortune.


  3. Seltzermx

    I use uploaded for new English releases of movies and TV shows. Have 2 sites I use for the newest stuff. Using IDM it maxes out my gigabit down pretty well. Makes downloads nice and spiffy.

    For older stuff and anime, I use qbittorrent, running the SOCKS5 from PIA. Seen good speeds in excess of 20MB/s on well seeded stuff. Use rarbg for those old torrents. Most of the stuff i tend to look for seems to be there.


  4. squiggy Post author

    In the meantime I got myself an account for S-O, however since I ended up watching streams for both, the object is out of question.
    Still, it’s unfortunate that getting hold of older stuff is becoming harder and harder now that people just “netflix and chill”, especially ISOs of those.
    Anime isn’t hard… there’s rutracker, u2 and ADC (and sometimes NT) for me to grab stuff from.
    Also, nobody cares about subbed anime over here.
    Years back when we had multiple healthy DDL repos such as Mega(Upload), Hotfile or the second rapidshare installment and tons of forums and sites, people would just go crazy uploading everything for the cashout – not gonna lie, I made 100$ with uploading one single episode of Naruto.


  5. URGH

    You can always hit rutracker and hdclub, if you`re up to clean out all the garbage VO and subs after downloading.

    And considering DDL, yes, and it will get worse still. Backup everything you download to local storage, because shit is disappearing off the net fast.


  6. pvukzahn

    For german (almost always dual audio actually) movies I go to, have for years, rarely lets me down. There’s usually a zippyshare mirror in there somewhere, but I’m also using premiumize for access to multiple premium hosters so I’m always good regardless.

    If english is ok, is another good one. Small too, good hoster selection. But yeah, good sources are dying out, I feel.



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