Squiggy where art thou?

Working, mostly… chistmas time has me pushing workshifts for 10-12h a day, so I’m usually too spent to do any subbing after that.
Also, I smoke a lot of weed and watch stuff on amazon prime.
Series you can watch while waiting for more releases:
*Supernatural (13 seasons, s14 ongoing)
*Warehouse 13 and Eureka (5 seasons each)
*Person of Interest (5 seasons)
*Brooklyn 99 (4 seasons so far)
*Mr. Robot (3 seasons so far)
*Continuum (4 seasons iirc)
*Haven & Fringe (lol) (5 seasons)
*Blacklist (4 seasons so far)

I’ll try to pick up the ongoing projects after December has passed but at the moment, all I’m able to do is encode stuff so yeah, shou ga nai I guess.
That said, merry christmas to everyone and a happy new year in advance.

Addendum: I had the idea to relaunch my hentai subproject, now that HH is ded and provide you with filth but >time >sources.
We’ll see about that…

7 thoughts on “Squiggy where art thou?

  1. A'dam

    First off all: happy new year, Squiggy!

    Second, when I wanted to use your XDCC to download two unseeded episodes (Kaze no Stigma 10v2 and 16v1, which aren’t in the batch) I get the following message:
    “You need to login to services to join or speak in that channel.”
    Is this a temporary thing? Your channel didn’t have that message before. Which services do I need to login to?

    PS: Warehouse 13 is a fun show. Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Rlex

    Hey Squiggy, do you have any plans to fix the encoding errors in Rosario to Vampire? People on Nyaa are reporting files with wrong CRCs are in the batch that break playback at certain times, and doesn’t seem to be any patches available or anything for whatever is wrong.



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