I’m here o/

Sorta, at least.
Last year was heavy… if not the worst for me.
After losing two friends to drugs and half of my family due to personal differences and way too many drugs in response to that, my PC broke down and high bills had yet to be paid, I decided it’s time to switch paradigms again.

Following my mindset, I’ll be moving to Berlin in mid-2019 and start anew there.
I’ve left too much scorched earth in my hometown to keep on living there and local people piss me off with their attitude, personalities and snowflake-princess-thinking.
I even took a short attempt at hitting on a girl and -of course- I got horribly abused (spending money on shit, nervewrecking talks and bullshit) and left alone after she had her share.
I’m a nice guy and I deserve to be loved, g’dammit. So, fuck you.
Seems I’m really better off like this since it at least preserves me from being exploited (and I can buy stuff… so much stuff!).

Also I’m trying to stop smoking weed but it’s extremely annoying to be sober all day.

9 thoughts on “I’m here o/

  1. Temp67

    -Talking to a girl other then Kyou
    Only 9 more months until the new year. crap. At least you’re still alive.


  2. realanon

    Hey there Tsundere.
    Glad to see you back and sorry to hear you have had so much crap to deal with and my condolences on the loss of your friends. I know it may not be much but you have a community here, people who respect what you have achieved and will continue to achieve. Good luck mate and I genuinely hope that the future and peace you are looking for is just waiting around the corner for you.


  3. Someone

    Good luck with your moving, hope everything goes alright.
    Thanks for all your work! Hope to see you back in action.


  4. Maxxus

    Fug Akismed!
    Anyways… Just wanted to say that it is great to see you again, my dear Squiddy!!
    I’m making something nice for you, hope to finish it soon… <3
    For the time being, have a friendly reminder:



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