11 Eyes BDs 05+06

Okay, first and foremost let me state that this may come off a little wonky as I’m still getting back into a routined subbing process.
I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff, so the TSing might also display a little jerky/odd, but I guess the batch will take care of this.

Now, have a Torrent (NT)

And also, have useful information:
Fixes for FMP, R+V and other series are in queue but I need time to get to that.
Normally I overwhelm myself with projects and go awol for a while before releasing a ton.
This time, I’m trying to not overwhelm myself by releasing series one by one, meaning that you get K-On S02 after 11 Eyes.
I’ve also restricted myself to working on 1-2 episodes a day since I also have a (over-)fulltime job which needs my attention AND I’m still recovering from last year.
tldr; stuff will be fixed and appear when I get to it.
I also still want to give FP2.0 a go but that is a really complicated project since I forgot what is already done and what is not (tbd).
I just need time to get back into all this, guys.
Thanks for staying with me all this time… this really means a lot to me.

Edit October 2019: ahahaha

1 thought on “11 Eyes BDs 05+06

  1. SomeDudeOnTheNet

    Well, I like the work that you do. Your releases generally end up in my “archive and keep” storage, often replacing other releases after I’ve already watched them. It’s rare enough to see someone sticking around long enough to get good at fansubbing.

    The work that you do is appreciated!



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