Life is…

Okay, scrap everything I wrote in the post of March 14th about my personal life.
Life is great and I feel like a god!

Edit – October 2019: Drugs, rite?

4 thoughts on “Life is…

  1. Mxxs

    OK, whether a drug or a dere, just remember that life’s spice is to tarnish and change everything you consider pure, beautiful, or good. That anything you get is but a very temporal coincidence and you cannot preserve it or extend its duration. That it is in constant fluctuation, permanently changing and evolving, for better and worse.
    So the secret for this is… to find something you love & appreciate in all its possible states, something you genuinely still like no matter what it does, something you still want by your side no matter what. Something you can always have fun with yourself. And I hope that’s what you got right now friend-o, or that you will get it soon enough. I wish you all the best.
    Good luck and lots of love, Squiddy!


    1. squiggy Post author

      That’s awfully poetic for an anime blog, bro.
      I know, life is a rollercoaster and a really intense one at that. Tho, imagine the chance of meeting someone whos also into fansubbing, eating pizza and watching anime in bed all day, just before you plan to leave the city.
      I’m one of those guys who believe that putting in effort into others’ wellbeings some day returns to oneself. Ofc I might be a little blindsided for today or the next week, but I could give less fucks and I shouldn’t be overthinking this right now but enjoy it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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