Aika DVDs 04.5+05

Episode 04.5 was tedious to work on due to all these fucking signs.
The srt subs were a mess too and thus I couldn’t figure out all the overlapping stuff during the Preview scene, but I tried my best to adjust the lines to the speakers.
The episode itself is a merge of three specials that were included with the second DVD.

With ep5, there’s a new OPED of which the latter is already in English so no TL needed.
I might even release ep06 and ep07 within a batch and complete this series as well.
Since seasons 2 and 3 are only three episodes each, I might throw these into the magic pool and throw out another batch when they’re completed.
Oh and I made a total of ten new banners themed “innocence”  for the blog – more like these will follow.

Torrent (NT)

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