House of Thousand Encodes DVDs 01v2-04v2

Oh boy, here we go – again… these Saraiya Goyou need to be done with after about two years of stalling and fucking up.
The previous release of 01-04 is shit because:
-I kinda decimated the already progressive video, which now runs at 19.181fps,
-generally ep02 & ep04 are out of sync due to an audio delay I didn’t fix up,
-the scripts aren’t quite complete because there’s no dancing leaves during the OP.
-overfiltered encodes don’t magically make a release better

Once again, I’m using Yuurisan’s Dialog for this and Commie’s OPED for the scripts and new encodes, obviously. No idea what happened in late 2017, althought it might’ve been a certain interest towards Alcohol and Tilidin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, which is ironic, because I’m high as fuck on Tilidin right now D:

Torrent (NT)

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