Higurashi DVDs

This project dates back to January 2016 when I worked on episodes 01-12 and stalled the project for some reason which had something to do with Blurays and a joint project, but that didn’t turn out well since fansubs died and so, nothing happened.
Until May 2018 that is; with the release of ep13 I continued Higurashi as planned.
And stalled it after that episode. Again.

And here we are – almost four years after the release of the first bunch of episodes – at the point where I can (hopefully) put Higurashi into my ‘Complete Projects’ folder – yay.
The subs feature somewhat improved R1 scripts with some minor to major edits by me (mainly line-splittings), the OVA goes with the [Hauu~] release (aligned to the main series’ styling).
There are no plans of doing the BDs because they suck.

Torrent (NT)

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