Decisions, decisions…

Turns out my job is giving me a fucking hard time and I can’t cope with it anymore.
The consequence of this is that I’ll be quitting work in a few days and will have to look for a different employer – in a different city.
This, obviously, means that there won’t be much Tsundere stuff until I got everything sorted but please bear with me.

Stay tuned

8 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. U.S. Grant

    Good luck!

    By the way, I may have missed something. You have told us that you have split with your “girl-friend” and that you have now so much money to buy things. After that, you told us that you have split with your family and wanted to move to Berlin. Well, my thought was, if you move to Berlin than you will have not much money to buy things. Now I am a little bit confused.

    Well, regardless what a full-time job you take, it is always difficult to have time for your hobbies.


    1. squiggy Post author

      Yeah, now guess who’s also confused ^^
      Long story cut short; my boss managed to keep me for another six months by raising my wage, but I’m not comfortable with the overall situation there.
      Money… well, I spent a lot on drugs lately, so that’s that. But you’re right, moving to Berlin is expensive as fuck – hence I’m thinking of moving to Ulm, Stuttgart or Mannheim (whereas Ulm is my current favorite since I’ve lived there for some time already).

      And you got that damn right; calling her “girlfriend” since the relationship only lasted for two weeks after which she decided to not have feelings for me (but hey, at least I spent over 200 bucks on her during those two weeks while she got me a croissant. Eh.)
      The idea to get a weeb as girlfriend turned out to be a mistake.


  2. transitoryhikikomoris

    If you’re in the US, have a college education (or military time, or three years in one job) the FAA will have an off the street bid for air traffic controller in January. I retired from it in 2012, great job.
    Just Google “how to become an air traffic controller”.
    It opens a lot of doors to other aviation science jobs, too.

    There’s also a ton of jobs in the government that pay well, and have great benefits, and will put you over the FICA cap. (controllers can make as much as $200,000 per year).



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