Tsundere was founded in 2010 as a one-man project with the original goal to release Shuffle! Blurays.
Initially I started out with a custom-made release of Ibara no Ou in 2009 which eventually got me into joining EveTaku, FFF, Erobeat, CMS, Staircase, Derp and numerous other active fansub groups.
As of 2014, I had timed over 200 episodes for them and released 50+ series under this label…
lastly accumulating to over 1250 files I’ve worked with by 2018 encompassing over 100 projects.
Fansubbing with groups eventually became a chore in late 2013 since I couldn’t stay up until 4am every night for episodes and thus, I quit most affilitations with projects related to other groups by 2014.
The lack of members on my own project made me teach myself other roles throughout the years in order to lessen the amount of freelancers I hired for projects/episodes.
A few of these people stuck and are still sticking with me although fansubbing has long died (it collapsed in 2013 and I blame CR), for strange reasons.

No requests at the moment.

Encoding-mumbo and sub-jumbo:
The sub scripts may or may not have been modified by me upon release, but mostly have undergone changes..
There is only one resolution for each kind of release unless stated otherwise.
There is NO English audio EVER in ANY of my releases.
Clannad is NOT an encode.
Not all my releases are custom encoded, however this applies more to pre-2015 projects than newer stuff or if the ISOs are simply unobtainable.
My x264 library is the 10bit version of core 152 k-mod r2851k.
The audiovisual quality is always decent (unless stated otherwise).

Everyone makes mistakes, therefore I have implemented a method to keep track of errors in releases and fix all of them at once which is not an everyday service thing you get from any other fansub project out there.
Many series/stuff are straight solo projects, so you motherfuckers better show some respect.
That’s why there’s no staff listing – people working on projects with me keep changing constantly, however you can picture a rough outline of the currently involved people via IRC.
There is no and there won’t ever be a Discord.
I actually care a bit for most of my releases and may show up with a renewed version of a 2011 project out of nowhere.
I also tend to vanish for weeks or months or weeks without prior notice but as of May 2018, the Tsundere project has no plans of quitting.