Tsundere was founded in 2010 as a one-man project with the original goal to release Shuffle! Blurays.
Over the years, I’ve worked with 25+ fansub groups, timed over 200 episodes for them and released 70+ series under this label, accumulating to over 1200 files I’ve worked on until 2017.
I’m putting a lot of effort in my releases and now have a bunch of people who (hopefully) appreciate what I’m doing, which is all that’s needed to satisfy me.
I don’t do this for money – it’s the simple ‘sharing is caring’ principle.

The series I choose usually only come in the resolution that’s fit best for it so you can skip asking me for other resolutions.
Also, unless it’s moe, I probably won’t do it – so don’t request me shit like Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul, Corpse Party or the likes.
Other than that, feel free to request a series and I may get to it.

I always do FLAC audio if possible and 10bit h264 video (>h265) at the best fit resolution, combined with fansub-scripts and/or official subs.
There are exceptions to this, as always.

This project is also supported by various people helping me out with encoding, QC and other parts, so give them a shout when you see them.
Feel free to whine to me about errors in my scripts, tho.
As for me; I’m in my late 20s, born in the same country I’m living in.
Kyou is mine.