About (Rewrite v3)

Tsundere was founded in 2010 after my first fansub “release” Ibara no Ou.
The idea to teach myself how to fansub myself, since I was fascinated of the process to creating content to make anime available to non-japanese speakers, came up to me… and so I got myself involved with fansub groups and embarked on a nervewrecking journey.
[Tsundere] mainly aims to release anime content composed of the arguably best fansub translation set paired with decent audio/video from Blurays or DVDs to provide an alternative to TV releases.
This process causes minor to major buttpain.
While working with a fuckton of people from different projects between 2010 and 2014 – such as FFF, EveTaku, Derp and SFW, Staircase and Chihiro, Hatsuyuki (yes that happened), Erobeat & Zero-Raws/nishishi, to name some – as a guest feat or regular, I promoted my own stuff here.
2014 had me ditch most groups due to a lack of time and career stuff, but I was able to sustain my own project which eventually grew to over 100 individual releases (1.3TB in total) including Series, OSTs and AMVs, Hentai, Movies and OVAs (as of 2019) – whatever I feel like.
Depending on how much work a project encompasses can range from a few weeks or even days to years. Working with subtitles may include changing the timing, typesetting, OPED(s), fonts and whatever is needed to improve the script, while keeping the spoken lines (Dialog) untouched if possible.

Depending on the amount of work that a script requires, it may happen that I creep out for months.
Depending on the amount of errors I have to fix, it may also happen that I creep out for months.
Depending on the kind of drugs I do, it may happen that I creep out for months.
Depending on being overworked, wasted, hungover, feeling like it and/or find better series to watch on Amazon Prime, it may happen that I creep out for months.
You see, I kinda like creeping out.

No requests at the moment.

Encoding-mumbo and sub-jumbo:
There is only one resolution for each kind of release unless stated otherwise.
There is NO English audio EVER in ANY of my releases.
Clannad is NOT an encode.
While I’m trying to take care of the encoding process myself, which works in most cases nowadays, but sometimes I rely on (“good”) raws or consider buying the discs.
It may also occur that encoding (mostly older) stuff (and lolBDs) turns out to be a bitch and someone (“good”) has spared me a nervous breakdown (Lucky Star, KxS), so these raws are an option.
I choose preencoded raws – if there is no way to encode stuff myself – on expertise and may go to great lengths in order to provide the (arguably) best experience based on my knowledge over the course.
My x264 library is the 10bit version of core 152 k-mod r2851k.
The audiovisual quality is always decent (unless stated otherwise).

The Final Patch project is currently on hold because I lost track of what to include in v2.0, so you can grab v1.5 for the time being, check this list and/or just look on Botan for the current versioning.
I like working with others and usually give credits to people who join me for a project, but there’s no real staff listing – if you want to know, come by IRC and check out the ranks there to give you an impression of regular guest features, bots, people who got their rank because Bagels or I felt like it, people who are into business with me… and creeps.
Also, I’m 31 and I like Bratwurst mit Kartoffelbrei.