Tsundere was founded in 2010 as a one-man project with the original goal to release Shuffle! Blurays.
Over the years, I’ve worked with 25+ fansub groups, timed over 200 episodes for them and released 70+ series under this label, accumulating to over 1200 files I’ve worked on until 2017.
I’m putting a lot of effort in my releases and now have a bunch of people who (hopefully) appreciate what I’m doing, which is all that’s needed to satisfy me.
I don’t do this for money – it’s the simple ‘sharing is caring’ principle.

The series I choose usually only come in the resolution that’s fit best for it so you can skip asking me for other resolutions.
Also, unless it’s moe, I probably won’t do it – so don’t request me shit like Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul, Corpse Party or the likes.
Other than that, feel free to request a series and I may get to it.

I always do FLAC audio if possible and 10bit h264 video (>h265) at the best fit resolution, combined with fansub-scripts and/or official subs.
There are exceptions to this, as always.

This project is also supported by various people helping me out with encoding, QC and other parts, so give them a shout when you see them.
Feel free to whine to me about errors in my scripts, tho.
As for me; I’m in my late 20s, born in the same country I’m living in.
Kyou Fujibayashi is my beloved fiancée wife (I really love her) and no, you can’t have my address to send me to a rehab – simply go fuck yourself if you don’t like it.
My releases often use TV scripts as a base, obtained from the respective TV version.