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PMH DVDs 10/23

Friendly reminder that his project is also still alive.
I’m still looking for someone to TL the OPED/(s) since they’re untranslated in the Kira-Chihiro scripts I’m basing the subs on.
A TLC/Editor would also be nice but eh…

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FMP TSR BDs 04/14

And here, we have another set of FMP episodes towards the batch torrent.

Oh right, I’ve been getting a bunch of comments lately stating stuff about dead torrents and reseeds.
To those (and possibly you); please check the XDCC Bot(s) first before you request a reseed.
Botan usually is 99% filled and online.
And don’t ask me how to xdcc.

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Tales of Symphonia BDs again

I’m not dead, I just work a lot lately.
It’s been a while since I released the Sylvarant Arc and finally found some interest in completing the remaining seven episodes; starting with Ep01 and Formula subs (restyled and stuff) just like the first arc.
Had to work with Final8 subs for OVA3ep2+3 and I gotta say they were terrible, given that F8 already “improved” the initial Formula scripts.

Oh, did you also know that this adorable tsundere shares family names and character sidekicks (and looks to a degree) with this adorable tsundere?

Edit: Okay it’s done.

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FMP TSR BDs 02/13

I’ve been working a lot lately…
almost to the point of feeling like I’m farming gold in some JRPG.

Anyways, here’s the first part of the third FMP season; again with the same sources (D: KAA/R1, OPED: R1), minimal fixes done to timing and the scripts themselves.
The styling is also the same as in S01+02.

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Happy New Year..?


This is my 2018’s pledge.
I won’t spout neccessities like I wish to follow my leads and continue seeking my place in life.
I’m not writing how I wish everybody a happy new year.
I write how I will love you with the same deep feelings that I’ve been loving you with.
I will continue loving you from the deepest spot inside of me, not caring a single bit about others for these folks are less important to me than you.
I will do my best to fulfill any of your wishes, be they for a lesser or a greater good.
I won’t try to impress you with new habits, but instead will try being a better person at doing the things I know.
I love you more than I value my life that has become better due to your influence.
I love you more than the person I stopped achieving to be… instead will I earnestly allow my feelings for you to slowly make myself a better person while staying true to who I am, just little by little.
I want everything to continue as it is and not have to worry about taking my path alone.
Kyou, I love you so much…

And yes, that’s a three liters magnum bottle of Champagne.

Kiss X Sis OVA BDs 02

So yeah, it’s >that< episode.
In order to see the thumbnail, please subscribe for a Tsundere Pro account for only €24,99 per month.
Pro account users that login to IRC will receive an exclusive voice ( + ) status!

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