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Tales of Symphonia OVA (again) United Worlds Arc ep02v2

Have a patch right here,

a fun notice that actually the Tethe’alla + Sekai Tougou-hen Episodes are 8bit, not 10bit as tagged in the filenames and thus, this episode will have the 8bit tag in the filename after patching.
I’m not even doing a new batch release torrent as I presume people to be too stupid
to rename their existing files before hashing.
Now that you know this, also have a torrent for the fixed episode.

Torrent (NT)


PMH DVDs 15+16

Well here we are with only 7 more episodes to go.
The release still lacks an OPED-TL because fansubbing died a while ago but if there’s anyone popping up with a translation, I’ll happily revise the scripts.

So far, so good. Move on.

Torrent (NT)

Are we really doing this again, Squiggy?

Yes we are, damnit.
Clannad will receive another overhaul, with freshly downloaded, direct muxes from the m2ts and the current scripts.
The 2018 version will replace all episodes, no matter if v1 or v3 and the files will also be renamed accordingly.
Changes to the scripts are minor to non-existant throughout all episodes, so it’s completely up to you to download this once it’s done.