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Shuffle! BDs

Alright, it’s up – various episodes have been brought to a v1 to fix minor errors.
The patches can be downloaded here.

Shuffle’s been a mostly easy ride concerning polishing the scripts, however some stuff did take effort – especially the very first sign in 20ep (that I screwed up lol).
Concluding words; subs are based on R1 because I simply don’t remember why I went with those.
The Prologue (ep00) is sourced from Kira; aligned to the main series and edited a little.
That being said, I hope everything’s alright and we can move on to K-On.

Torrent (NT)

About: Rosario to Vampire (mostly)

So uh, there’s this release of mine that is a little broken right now – RtoV.

I applied fixes to the script(s), however somehow the video got screwed and the apparent v2 files are derped up, so you gotta grab the 2015 batch and watch ep02 + ep11 from there.
I’ll get to fixing the issue at some point in December I think and redo the v2s as v3 – whee.
There’s also a broken ep02v2 of Capu2 that should be avoided to have.

Shuffle! is going smooth, with the OVA being encoded right now and the scripts currently at ep18 until wednesday because my tuesday is all planned out.
Dunno if I can manage to cram all seven episodes into one day, so you might as well expect just 17-20.

After that, it’s hokago tea time-time!


Yui and Mio (Alter)

Now that I’ve shown off my two figures, status is still at ep16 with no progress, but I’ll get to that.
After deleting 1364 fonts, Aegisub is usable again.

Shuffle! (v2) BDs 01v1-06v1 & 13-16

Welcome back – to another episode of Unstalling Projects with today’s guest: Shuffle!
This post covers episodes 01v1-06v1, which each include a proper OPED instead of only the translations and also episodes 13-16.
I made a patch for those episodes which can be obtained >here<.
The encodes are done up to ep19 of 26 (24+2) and just like last time, only ep12 of Shuffle! Memories will be included because the rest is a 11ep recap of the 24ep series. What?
For those who don’t know about the project; Shuffle was like my very first release, using Zero-Raws and also my first Harem-themed series if I recall correctly.
Originally, the scripts are R1 but now they don’t suck anymore.
They are in a horrifying state, of course, so redoing this thing takes a few nerves and a lot of patience.
Apparently I had no idea what a scene bleed is back then, but hey, I can fix that -.-

Torrent 01v1-06v1 (NT)
Torrent 13-16 (NT)

Itsuka Tenma BDs

>literally everybody watching the show

Episodes 01-06 (not 02) have received minor improvements and are thus labelled v1.
You can download the xdelta patch for the episodes of concern >here<.
Thanks to the guy who seeds the WhyNot release, there is now an ED for all episodes, yay.
The rest is [Derp]-subs that have undergone the usual polishing, which was extremely annoying at times, because the release -was- good in 2011, but isn’t anymore by today’s standards.
Itsuka Tenma’s OVA was DVD only, so you get SD for that one.
According to my list, K-On S02 is next, but I might go with Shuffle! – may the fanservice be with you!

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Itsuka Tenma BDs 05+06

These episodes were a major pain in the ass to work on. I skipped the school sign in 06, who cares.
Oosran unfortunately hasn’t translated these EDs either, so yeah you get none… I mean I don’t mind not putting in an ED, but it seems I have to.
Pizzabingo is lost, by the way – I had pasta for dinner.

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Itsuka Tenma BDs 03+04

It’s been a while, so here’s some info to refresh your memory.
Itsuka Tenma was my second real TV show that I participated in during 2011 (instead of going to college), with the first being A-Channel (which got me into timing) with [EveTaku].
The group I worked with was [Derp], so it makes sense that the BD release also uses Derp-Subs.
We had intended to bring out the BDs over there, but the group died and thus I’m going solo (Déjà vu).
All scripts have been revised and fixed up (god, what a mess) with new fonts and all that crap.
Continuing the project effectively made me install all my 2000 fonts so the font collector wouldn’t bitch out – and it’ll be my utmost pleasure to remove most of them whenever I’m done with Itsuka Tenma.
Oh also, since none of my scripts has the ED translated and I couldn’t find it either, thus ep03 has no ED.
In other news, I’m doing day four (out of seven because five is lame) of a Pizza-Bingo.

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Higurashi DVDs

This project dates back to January 2016 when I worked on episodes 01-12 and stalled the project for some reason which had something to do with Blurays and a joint project, but that didn’t turn out well since fansubs died and so, nothing happened.
Until May 2018 that is; with the release of ep13 I continued Higurashi as planned.
And stalled it after that episode. Again.

And here we are – almost four years after the release of the first bunch of episodes – at the point where I can (hopefully) put Higurashi into my ‘Complete Projects’ folder – yay.
The subs feature somewhat improved R1 scripts with some minor to major edits by me (mainly line-splittings), the OVA goes with the [Hauu~] release (aligned to the main series’ styling).
There are no plans of doing the BDs because they suck.

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Higurashi S01 DVDs 14-20

So today morning, I smoked a huge bowl and went ahead to familiarize with this series.
Ep14 was half done at that point, so I worked myself through it… and more episodes.
Originally there were no plans to do any subbing today, but yeah there you have it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Since a single episode doesn’t require much work albeit the source being R1, this won’t take long.
Oh; and K-On S02 will follow – not ItsuTen – because effort.

Torrent (NT)

House of Five Leaves DVDs

Alright, that’s another one down.
I don’t even remember why I even picked this up… probably only because there’s no dvd rip of Five Leaves – I mean, just look at those faces and generally everything… there’s nothing that says “Oh my, that’s moe as fuck”.
Anyways, this is a mix of Yuurisan’s Dialog and Commie’s OPED, with 480p video and flac audio from the R2DVDs. This series has given me all kinds of creeps during the encodig stage, so that’s why it took so long. I restarted it three times, basically.

Next up is season one of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni with ep14 in the making.
I’ll release either two or four episodes per instance and possibly, I’ll get to season two as well some day.
Also, I might skip Itsuka Tenma in favor of completing K-On S02 first.

If you are unsure about version numbers of any series, check out Botan or this page. It usually has the correct versions – the reason for this being I threw out lots of single fixes after the FinalPatch v1.5 and some Torrents may contain older revisions.

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