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Watch me doing dumb stuff on Borderlands 2

Also, I have a legit BL2 version now, so catch me on steam for coop funs!
Oh and I’ve started reseeding some more torrents, but still, downloading via Botan is recommended.

Warcraft 3 UNFORGED: How to play it

Okay, assuming you got a working WC3 copy (that is not affected by reforged) and do not want to play refucked, here’s what you do to enjoy the real game:

0.) Join the UNFORGED Discord
1.) Get this and put it into your wc3 main folder.
2.) Get this and add it to the registry
3.) Start w3l.exe (if you want a windowed version, create a shortcut and set the parameter -window)
4.) Connect to Battle.Net
5) ????
6.) Profit

All versions up to 1.28.5 can be used to connect to Battle.Net.
Versions 1.29 and further are not supported by w3l.exe and thus do not work.

This method is solely for entertainment purposes and by no means for ANY financial gain.
This blog is not affiliated with Blizzard, any of their copyright holders and/or Activision and does NOT support piracy by any means concerning warcraft 3 and/or TFT.
But look at you, Blizzard – You fucked my childhood game, screw with thousands of users and don’t give a shit about it. Fuck you.

Put questions/errors in the comments.
Cheers o/

Warcraft 3 in 2020?

So there’s currently that abomination being born called WC3 Reforged.
It sucks, don’t play it.

Instead, do the following:
1.) Get your old WC3 TFT v1.27b from somewhere, doesn’t matter.
2.) Grab Gameranger and register.
3.) <- go here for a small community of oldfags.
4.) ????
5.) Play the game! With me!

It’s just as easy as that.
You can use 1.26 although I’ve been told most people there use v1.27b.

In case you have an older version, patch v1.27b is here.
In case it errors, put the patch into your wc3 folder.
In case it still errors due to missing install path, open regedit and create a new string under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III named InstallPath, then set your wc3 folder as value.
If you wonder why Reforged sucks so much just google it.
You will be utterly disappointed.

Watch me playing Borderlands 2

So, this is a new project of mine.
I’m playing BL2 with the Super Randomizer Mod and upload the videos to youtube.
It’s a seamless run, means you see what I see unless I do a skip on loading screens or whatever.
Parts of the videos are sped up by 3.5x to get through the game faster.
Part 0 is basically a test to get back into video manipulation – beginning with Part 1, I introduce the general environment and pacing of the series and starting with #2, we have proper subs, crafted in Aegisub because of reckless mocha abuse.
The script is 1500 lines, just if you wonder.
As for the video quality; 720p is about what my old laptop can do.
After I noticed how badly youtube reencodes the video if it’s a 720p source (Part 0+1), I’m going with a 900p upscale (Part 2+) to work around that.

Of course, I need you guys to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as I’ll be releasing more of these and maybe we can restore my channel back to its’ old glory before I got banned in 2018.

This is a lot more fun than anime fansubs lol