Harukana Receive TV 04

So, you may ask, is this another fantastic episode?
Yes, it is another fantastic episode!

This week comes with a fabulous OP and more “intense” typesetting than last week(s).
As always, I’m looking for translators in the sense of the still untranslated ED.
If you feel lucky about that, please do also feel free to aid a bro out :)

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This is the best NGNL release.
Base script: this
Most credits thus go to him, I just did the usual to make it awesome.
(Noko helped tling the OH SO IMPORTANT TWO SIGNS)

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K-On S02 BDs 10-12

Mio so moe~
Tsuyokiss was scheduled for today, not K-On, but PGCDemux missed a cell on both ep10+11 so those are set reencoding. I don’t mind releasing either since any progress is progress and I don’t feel like doing TTGL right now… splitting up lines is a pain.
Harukana tomorrow; this week including the OP and maybe next week the ED as well.
And more Harucuteness~

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No further questions.

Sidenote: With Digimon, the Tsundere release count has reached the number 100, spread across 1400 episodes/ovas/movies and taking up 1.25TB HDD space.
I can’t say I expected Tsundere to last this long, given that I lost my fileserver twice (2014+2017), my blogger got nuked (2015), drugs & life (1989-present & 2003-present), fansubbing has died years ago (2014) and lastly, the constant tracker switching (2014-2018)… but life’s just like that, eh.

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NNBR BDs 01-06

CGDCT on the countryside; season 2.
As everyone else, I’m using Vivid for the main series plus Mori’s script for the OVA.
I like how they made the showlogo a face.
Originally, NNBR was set to be released a year ago but >stuff happened and I stalled it.
The second half should be out by tomorrow since these episodes take almost no time to work on (as expected), so I’m just left with encoding the ova and possibly some changes in the respective script.
I have no idea why I postponed NNBR for so long.

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The plans-plan

This post serves as an overview for planned projects that will be released sooner or later.

*NNBR | BD | 1080p
*Haruhi TV (+Movie +ONA) | BD | 720p + 1080p + 720p | afk/Mazui
*Agent Aika (+R16 +Zero) | DVD, BD | 480p + 720p | R1, Mamiko
*Da Capo I + II | BD | 720p | Jumonji-Giri
*Tsuki ga Kirei | BD |1080p | HS
*Itsuka Tenma | BD | 1080p | Derp
*LOLHeroes | BD |1080p | Derp
*Harukana | BD | 1080p | Own
*NGNL Zero | BD |1080p | R1

*Ore no Imouto S01+S02 | BD | 1080p
*Shana | BD | 576p + 720p
*Zero no Tsukaima S01-02 | BD | 720p

There is no set date of release for any of these yet, so asking won’t get you anything.
Requests are closed until further notice unless you’re a BD/DVD provider.

Tsuyokiss DVDs 05-08

That’s (not) what she said!
Tsuyokiss gives off the same nonsensical random humour Wasshoi and Mayoi Neko had.
Although it’s described in the episodes, I deem it necessary to explain that Sunao is afraid/angered of radish (daikon) because Leo called her one in the past – as a compliment. However, “daikon” also describes a bad actor, so Sunao took it as an insult. tldr; Both characters are dumb as fuck.
I redid the typesetting  that got released in a fucked-up state and fixed some minor timing issues.

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