The Circle of Life

…often doesn’t want to go the way you wish for it to take.
Alas, my grandmother died at the age of 84 last night.
She had been in care for over year while suffering from heavy dementia and the consequences of a stroke.
I had no chance to say goodbye to her, so I really hope she remembered my last spoken words to her (“Stay well – I love you.”) from a year ago and the fact that I hugged her before exiting the room.
All I know is that she doesn’t live anymore, via a forwarded message from my stepmother with whom I usually don’t have contact, nor my father (we had to cut ties years ago).
The sad fact that she won’t ever know whether I reconcile with my father’s family portion also brought me down quite a bit, especially since I tried fixing said relationship numerous times…

I don’t expect anyone to comment on this.
It’s just that I’ll probably never find the right words to tell her grave so I’m doing it here, as a tribute, to have completely unknown people from around the world know that I loved her so much…
She did well.


Clannad v2018 BDRemux

They’re here ☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆
Once again, embark on an audiovisual experience that I like to call “The Journey”.
The Journey consists of both seasons of Clannad plus OVAs, shaped as a BD Remux with 5.1 LPCM audio and SS-Eclipse subs that got revised multiple times over the years.
The Journey is to be taken once a year during the deepest winter month and should not be interrupted by other series until Afterstory ep22.
The Journey must not last longer than seven days, else you fail.
While taking the Journey, you are free to use any kind of substance strengthening your experience (although I would recommend weed and pizza or beef fillet to go with it and avoid alcohol or uppers).

Stuff you don’t know is that I was actually not wanting to watch the KyoAni trilogy and initially started out with Kanon 2006 after giving it a second and then a third thought.
The inital issue bugging me were their huge eyes which I wasn’t ready for after having watched only ~30-40 series at that point (talking late 2009).
After the trilogy, however, I went to look for more of these “drama series”, stumbled over KGNE & SD then Ecchi, Slice of Life series, Evetaku’s IRC, Railgun, magic, here I am.
Also, the original goal of my blog was not to release either King of Thorn or Clannad or Shuffle, but the Kanon 2006 Blurays because they had left me speechless, but yeah…
Then, I became “Squiggy’s Animecorner” and “S-Fanrips” using the tag [S] and worked on King of Thorn instead of these BDs because I couldn’t encode for shit and had no idea what Aegisub even was.
After trying to encode Kanon & the Working! DVDs and failing at that too, I also failed at encoding the Ookami Kakushi DVDs and gave up on encoding anime myself until April 2015.
A more detailed version of the actual [Tsundere] backstory can be read on the About page.
Another thing you never knew is that I also failed releasing Air TV, Ikkitousen and El Cazador de la Bruja… it was either Ikkitousen or Joshikousei that confronted me with fansubs.
Now you know more stuff, isn’t that great?
It’s always my utmost pleasure, putting a 300GB torrent on Nyaa and wait for people to complain about the size, “bad encoding” and the lack of flac.
This year’s version has only minor to no differences when compared to the 2017 version, but still is a complete, new remux from the BDISOs with the most recent scripts added to the files.

Torrent (NT)

Yeah there’s no migration at last

WP doesn’t let me choose tsundere.wordpress*com although the previous blog has been deleted and I don’t want to actively contact them since they could ban my ass off
Thus, there’s NO moving to another domain and I’m sorry if this has caused a mess with your feeds.


Tsuyokiss (2018 rerelease) DVDs

And we’re done over here.
The overall product is quite okay I suppose, but I don’t want to work with old dvds anymore as the picture quality is usually horrible and a pain to encode without scenefiltering.
Tsuyokiss is based on the hardsubbed TV release by AnimeU&Serin (e01), Serin (e02-e03), YourMom (e04-e12) with an added OPED-TL by Neibs, TLC/Edit by Insemination+me, numerous TLs (Oosran, DTryPleX, Neibs, lygerzero0zero, puddizzle, convexity) worked on the SPs and also small bits suggested by various IRC users all over rizon whose names I don’t remember right now {the scripts know more}.
While the series itself isn’t really a killer, also in terms of animation/sound quality (remember, Clannad, EF, TTGL & Claymore were 2007), it can be seen as a trademark series of this fansub project with four main/side characters embodying different forms of the tsundere character (even MC-kun lol).
Personally, while I don’t mind one or two of this archetype, four of them being squeezed into a 12ep anime, combined with “sudden-random-mostly-terrible-fanservice” is a bit overload – but still not as bland as the two main characters are.

Torrent (NT)

Harukana Receive TV 04

So, you may ask, is this another fantastic episode?
Yes, it is another fantastic episode!

This week comes with a fabulous OP and more “intense” typesetting than last week(s).
As always, I’m looking for translators in the sense of the still untranslated ED.
If you feel lucky about that, please do also feel free to aid a bro out :)

Torrent (NT)