Okay, here’s a fun one.
I came up with the thought of adding a twitter to this project because reasons, so I went to see whether “Squiggy” was already taken – which it was.
What do we do now? Try to register using my russian email account… yay.
Turns out that said email adress is already taken and used by said imposter Squiggy, which is literally impossible because I change passwords on a weekly base.
For lols, I clicked the “Forgot Password” option and actually received the mail to reset my password on my russian account.
While debating the fun of snapping away his account and possiblity of being locked out, I called it a day and went to sleep without doing anything.

The following day (today), I registered a new account with one of my gmails using “ActuallySquiggy” as username and while I’m in the middle of setting up my profile, my account got locked out and now twatter wants my phone number to verify my identity.
Maybe they didn’t like my gmail-username TOTALLYNOTSQUIGGY…

You know what?
Fuck that shit, fuck twitter, fagbook, whorestagram and every fuckface social media site out there.
We’re better off without these I guess.


Shuffle! BDs 06/24+1

Seven years after the first release of Shuffle!, it is as always my utmost pleasure to provide you guys with a revised version of the series.
The old scripts were in a quite bad state, so I fixed stuff here and there, retimed a lot and took the results onto new raws from the BDBox, disabling the possibility for a patch.
I’d highly recommend getting the 2018 version over the 2011-one.
Shuffle! Memories is a 12ep recap with no additional content aside from the fantastic ep12, which can be considered the OVA to Shuffle! – as earlier, I’ll provide only that one.
Unfortunately the BDs aren’t good enough for a 1080p version, so 720p is what we go with.

Torrent (NT)

I like big butts and I cannot lie (02/12)

You other brothers can’t deny
That when Haruka walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung, want to pull up tough
‘Cause you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring

…at the ball… the round thing is the volleyball.
Subs by yours truly – since doing the TV version failed once again, have some BDs.
Although kamiXer and me (the dudes who bring you this) have the ED available, we’re still looking for someone to TLC it (and possibly the main series too but that won’t happen).

Torrent (NT)

Shuffle! gets a revision

Following my tradition of revamping old projects from my early days, it is now about damn time to overhaul Shuffle!, which is the first full 2cour series released under Tsundere.
Back in February 2011, the project consisted of ZeroRaws and badly done R1 scripts, mostly due to my lack of experience with fansubs.
The improved version’s gonna be also 720p, but with new video and revised/restyled scripts.
Akin to the initial release, I’m going to do ep01-24 plus Memories 12 (the OVA) and leave it at that… noone needs a 12ep recap of a 24ep series.

I think that’s all so far.
Please don’t ask me about the status of other series as pestering me won’t yield you a thing anyways :)

Agent Aika DVDs 01+02

Plot: Panties, boobs and cameltoes.

Alright, let’s get this one started.
The release is being sourced from the Bandai Remaster Box which is a great improvement over other releases, with freshly revised R1 subs from the srt scripts.
I wish the preview scenes were remastered as well, but they suffer from dotcrawl and rainbowing which strongly implies that video material from a previous release was used.
Who cares?
Be it as-is, here you go.

Oh and while I’m at it, Harukana BDs are still a go (TV was just a [failed] try to save me from more work and in the end I left at ep5) – I just did the usual and disappeared for about two months or so.

Torrent (NT)

Clannad Za Muvi

Tomoya hates his life, meets Nagisa, holds a play with her led by Ibuki-sensei, SEVEN years timeskip, Nagisa is now dead and Ushio’s alive, daddy issues are never resolved, no sunflowers, movie ends.
What a terrible piece of shit.

Subs by SS-E, with little retiming and styles aligned to my own Clannad (series) release.
Normally I’d say “please enjoy” but… I’m just grossed out by everything concerning this movie, so just grab it and forget about it.

Torrent (NT)