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Watch me playing Borderlands 2

So, this is a new project of mine.
I’m playing BL2 with the Super Randomizer Mod and upload the videos to youtube.
It’s a seamless run, means you see what I see unless I do a skip on loading screens or whatever.
Parts of the videos are sped up by 3.5x to get through the game faster.
Part 0 is basically a test to get back into video manipulation – beginning with Part 1, I introduce the general environment and pacing of the series and starting with #2, we have proper subs, crafted in Aegisub because of reckless mocha abuse.
The script is 1500 lines, just if you wonder.
As for the video quality; 720p is about what my old laptop can do.
After I noticed how badly youtube reencodes the video if it’s a 720p source (Part 0+1), I’m going with a 900p upscale (Part 2+) to work around that.

Of course, I need you guys to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as I’ll be releasing more of these and maybe we can restore my channel back to its’ old glory before I got banned in 2018.

This is a lot more fun than anime fansubs lol

Higurashi S01 DVDs 14-20

So today morning, I smoked a huge bowl and went ahead to familiarize with this series.
Ep14 was half done at that point, so I worked myself through it… and more episodes.
Originally there were no plans to do any subbing today, but yeah there you have it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Since a single episode doesn’t require much work albeit the source being R1, this won’t take long.
Oh; and K-On S02 will follow – not ItsuTen – because effort.

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