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Itsuka Tenma BDs

>literally everybody watching the show

Episodes 01-06 (not 02) have received minor improvements and are thus labelled v1.
You can download the xdelta patch for the episodes of concern >here<.
Thanks to the guy who seeds the WhyNot release, there is now an ED for all episodes, yay.
The rest is [Derp]-subs that have undergone the usual polishing, which was extremely annoying at times, because the release -was- good in 2011, but isn’t anymore by today’s standards.
Itsuka Tenma’s OVA was DVD only, so you get SD for that one.
According to my list, K-On S02 is next, but I might go with Shuffle! – may the fanservice be with you!

Torrent (NT)

The Plan for 2020 & Fansub Insights

So yeah, thought I’d give you guys a small update on what projects I’ve planned for next year, after I’m done with the current workload:

*Fate Kaleid Illya 3rei: just for the heck of completing it. Illya is a double feature in 720p and 1080p and I haven’t decided on the subs yet. Will take a while.
*D.C. Da Capo: because why not. Will be released in 720p with [Soldats] Subs.
*D.C. Da Capo 2: also 720p but I haven’t decided on the subs yet…
*Harukana BDs (1080p): those are tedious to work on since there’s no script from ep04 onwards because I creeped out for a while during the TV airing and have no idea about the series anymore.
*Highschool of the Dead: If everything goes well, this one will be a mix of [gg] and [TMD], released in 720p and also encompass the OVA. The series itself was rather eeeh but >muh fanservice
*RIN – Daughters of Mnemosyne (720p): I love the OVA and so it gets a release. Sadly, the BDs are shit so you can’t expect more than 720p. I’m also already done encoding 01+02 for testing purposes and will be using a hybrid of [BTN] for Dialogue and [E-D] for the rest, such as Signs, OPED if necessary etc.
*The Melancholy of Endless Eight: The BDs are shit, I know that and boast with qtec crap, yes yes – but I’m still giving it a go. Subs will feature a hybrid script of Hitsuji, afk, and Mazui & there’s also going to be the movie if I feel like it. I’m done encoding the first 14 episodes but no work done on any script as of now. And lastly;
*Tsuki ga Kirei: Episode 01 is already done but nothing else so far. I’m extremely terrified of all the phone screens… if I remember correctly, ep01 took me over four hours using HorribleSubs as base.

That’s all I’ve planned for 2020 so far, because you can expect me to vanish for some months and it’s generally a lot of work (Da Crapo alone has four seasons, geez) for me.

Now watch me doing this:
If you ever wanted to know how long a single script takes me, I can’t really answer that because it’s a pure case by case thing. Between 10min and six hours is a good estimate I guess… let’s break that down.
A good average for a TV->BD processing (after encoding) is an estimated time of 15-20min per episode, taking in account that the TV scripts are decent and I can just shift and check all lines for bleeds instead of typesetting for hours. This has worked for Kobato, Railgun, 11 Eyes, Ano Hana, Kamimemo, KanColle, Vanadis, Musaigen and numerous other series that feature decent sub groups (UTW, Commie, FFF, UW, Yuurisan, you name it) and is the easiest task. I did Kobato in just three days like that. See the picture below.

Then we have cases where the scripts suck and require retiming from scratch (+20min), typesetting (+5min up to hours) or adding an OPED if missing (+10min up to an hour with simple karaoke). Some cases require me to recheck the script against a different release from another group, some have me look up google for new fonts (as if 2000 aren’t enough), so let’s say that’s +10min.
To make this a little worse, series that have insane Typesetting in the TV scripts and won’t scale well from e.g. 720p to 1080 (like Sakura Trick or Urara) require me to manually align each-and-every-single-fucking-sign to the target resolution, which takes at least an hour per episode. Sometimes I go lazymode and use a few find-replaces (static signs). If recreating certain typesetting means working hours on a single sign, I sometimes do a quicker workaround or may delete the whole sign if it’s an irrelevant one. I’d say I need between one and three or four hours to polish auch a worst-case script.

Now, we’re ready for the fun that I call script fuckery magics and that should generally not be attempted oneself. Say there’s no TV fansub script because reasons, so we resort to a R1 set of DVD scripts. Case #1 lets us find those scripts someplace online and gives us .srt scripts that need to be treated like a very terrible, terrible TV script. Case #2 fucks us up a little by making us resort to other places (adc/rutracker) in order to download the R1 DVDs, then demux the subs and OCR them before working on them. Generally, tpp helps in such cases, but it’s still a bitch to work with OCR’d overlapping dialogue. This can take hours or months if the DVDs are offline and has only happened once so far.
Getting Joshikousei‘s ac3 audio required me to download the DVDs and demux/sync the streams.
Seriously, fuck that shit.
But yeah, normally R1 scripts provide (at least) the necessary sign translations for the typesetting and despite some of them being crap, various older series can only be worked on by using R1 subs. If I can’t obtain any fansub scripts somehow, you’ll likely see me using R1.
Let’s now also say that the Typesetting is available, just not really available by being hardcoded in a TV release version, so we get to manually look for all signs in that version and turn them into softsubs which can take minutes to weeks (Whee!). Or we use the R1-way.
Demonbane for example had an OVA that had to be completely rewritten as there was no script at all to work on, just an xvid video from aeons ago. So yeah, sometimes this results in one fansub translation script, an R1 script which contains the signs and a third script which contains the OP/ED from yet another fansub release. Often, I also take two fansub scripts, one for the Dialog (muh consistency) and one for Signs/TS/OPED/whatever (R1+FroZen+UTW / Frostii+Shin-gx / UTW+Doki+loligeddon / Hiryuu+Mori / m.3.3.w+FFF, …).
One to six hours work time per episode can be estimated for such cases (Lucky Star eg.).
But that’s cool. We still have a TV translation or an R1 script to work on, right?


K-On S01, 77 scripts

Level 3, the Hellhound of the Apocalyptic Dimensional Gate as I call it, has just no script at all. This essentially means you have to rewrite every script from scratch. But there’s still OCRing! Sure there is and I’ve successfully used it with parts of Lucky Star, Tsuyokiss and a lot of testing on One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e, but I’m about as fast doing that manually so I went for typing. Back in the days, when HS was still new, groups had typists in their staff to literally retype the complete scripts… funky stuff. The required time to create such a script is about an hour to 90 minutes (given timing takes ~20-25min at a length of 350 lines dialogue) which is then the same level as a R1 script – nude.
Tsuyokiss is the only case I’ve had to deal with a series like this and it also had me put up a whole team around it to rework the scripts completely. I’d say the average work time for a script of TsuKiss was maybe six hours – or eight – including typing, timing, typesetting, TLCing, two-pass editing and QCing, but making it into a release was more a matter of days or weeks per episode. So that’s that.


And that’s 66 Tsuyokiss scripts

Over the years I’ve encountered so many different scenarios that increase the workload required to put out a script and even more keeping them consistent that I’m left with 3250 scripts ranging from No Game No Life ep04 (4150 lines, 28MB), NNBR ep01 (17519 lines, 8MB) and other oddities like Sakura Trick (where generally every episode has 10000+ lines and intense TSing).
About 40-50% are source scripts, so that’s about 1600 scripts for all of my releases since I started in 2010 (not calculating deleted scripts). Yup that was a long-ass text.

Putting a total average over the above; I need about 30-60 minutes for most episodes.

The last case happens only if I decide to fully redo a project and can be assumed by adding the initial worktime of a possible [15min to 6h] to another [15min to 6h], depending on how much my initial work sucks. Clannad is currently at revision 4, with revision 5 planned but not estimated yet. Redoing Chaos;Head took 3 minutes per script according to my files, Kannazuki no Miko about one hour per episode, Murder Princess about 45-60min each and Nyan Koi at least two hours per episode iirc.
Nyan Koi was especially annoying because my initial release of 2011 was shit and so I had to fix a ton of stuff before even getting to the script-fuckery-part that would eventually use Frostii’s Dialog and gg for the OPED and signs, but almost zero typesetting at that point.
I remember stuff like manually fixing gradients with clipping and all that autistic bullshit. Assuming that I worked for about 30-60 minutes -on the old scripts- and 1-2h per v2 script estimates a workload of 12*(0,5+1) hours up to 12*(1+2)hours, so 18h to 36h for the whole series and 90min to 3h per episode for both v1 & v2. Compared to Chaos;HeaD, which took ~12*3,5min (45min), that’s only 1/24th of Nyan Koi given finishing NK (completely) took me 18hrs. This should give you a nice overview about the amounts of time I waste but like I said, I can’t pinpoint.
Have a great day ö/

Did I mention that the picture of Air TV is a thing I had my hands on and yes, I styled the subs that way?

That’s why you don’t see either series having a release.