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House of Five Leaves DVDs 02/12

Akitsu Masanosuke is a timid ronin on his way to Edo from the countryside when he accidentally encounters a playboy named Yaichi, who asks him to be his bodyguard.
But it turns out that Yaichi is actually the leader of a group of bandits called the “Five Leaves,” and he’s hoping that Masanosuke will join them.
Masanosuke is reluctant to help them, but as he grows closer to his eccentric new companions, he learns to relate to them and grow as a person in the process.

…so basically, strange-looking samurai doing strange things.
Subs by Yuurisan (Dialog) and Commie (OPED).
The former group hardsubbed most of their TS, so I took what was leftover and gave it a quick procedure ┓(゚ペ;)┏
As far as I’m concerned, nobody’s done a similar release, so yay.