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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu BDs 06/12

Okay, let’s try to do this.

Urara Meirochou, meanwhile, is downloaded and put in my queue.
The bad news is that there also are various US-series that I’m working on, so finishing Urara might take a little longer than expected.

ep03-04: Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)

ep05-06: Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu BDs 02/12

It’s back-to-school mayhem with Kaname Chidori and her war-freak classmate Sousuke Sagara as they encounter more misadventures in and out of Jindai High School.
But when Kaname gets into some serious trouble, Sousuke takes the guise of Bonta-kun—the gun-wielding, butt-kicking mascot.
And while he struggles to continue living as a normal teenager, Sousuke also has to deal with protecting his superior officer Teletha Testarossa, who has decided to take a vacation from Mithril and spend a couple of weeks as his and Kaname’s classmate.

I’ve kept the font styling from season one for this one.
Again, KAA subs (R1) serve as the script with minimal edits done due to crazy CPS at times.
I’d churn out another episode but it’s 2am and I’m tired as fuck.

Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)