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There you have it; the complete thing.
I’ll review the qc report on the table for s01+02 in some days and apply fixes wherever necessary, however if the only inconsisitency on s03 turns out to be the Urzu-Uruz-thing, I won’t v2 those…
Used subs: KAA (R1), modified and aligned to the same styling present in s01 & s02.
Dibs on season 4.

Anyways, as for further stuff, I decided to pick up both 11eyes and Demonbane.
These two sadly haven’t seen a good release so far, thus I’ll take care of that – you’re welcome.
11eyes was a nice mix of moe and weird stuff happening and as for the other series… I’ve read stuff about Lovecraft lately and Demonbane pushes those levels up to the Gate “Yog-Sototh”, a thing that basically is everything in all dimensions, timelines etc, like the definition of existence… pretty fucked up stuff… like TTGL on crack with bad CGI.
Also, Hellsing is done encoding, Tsuki ga Kirei 01 is on pre-qc, I started doing K-On S02 as you may have noticed, nothing new about the 2018 Clannad release or FP 2.0 and lastly, I’ll also put NNBR and Tsuyokiss somewhere inbetween.

Torrent (NT)

FMP TSR BDs 04/13

And here, we have another set of FMP episodes towards the batch torrent.

Oh right, I’ve been getting a bunch of comments lately stating stuff about dead torrents and reseeds.
To those (and possibly you); please check the XDCC Bot(s) first before you request a reseed.
Botan usually is 99% filled and online.
And don’t ask me how to xdcc.

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FMP TSR BDs 02/13

I’ve been working a lot lately…
almost to the point of feeling like I’m farming gold in some JRPG.

Anyways, here’s the first part of the third FMP season; again with the same sources (D: KAA/R1, OPED: R1), minimal fixes done to timing and the scripts themselves.
The styling is also the same as in S01+02.

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