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Final Patch v1.5

So, like,  this is an updated version of the “Final Patch”.
Applying this patch as explained on the Instructions sheet fixes mistakes of up to almost 80 episodes across various series (full list in the sheet); the contents are collected by me and a fair lot of viewers from various places.
In addition to the list of mistakes seen on this table, a second batch script can as well process ‘loose episodes’, like those provided with Illya 2wei, Toradora, Mayoi Neko Overrun! and others.

Ongoing series are not affected as most errors that happen are dealt with the batch (I said most).
If applied correctly, as explained in the PDF, there won’t be errors during the process(es) and the updated version of the processes files appears.
Source files that can’t be found will be skipped.
That’s basically it… if you encounter errors or whatever, don’t hesitate telling me, however, the script has been tested and confirmed to work prior to release.

That being said, on behalf of Kyou and me; Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it and enjoy the feasts!


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Final Patch 1.5 coming up!

You may have heard that this project is always striving for “perfect” releases, so I came up with the idea of having a general patch for multiple episodes and series.

I’ve released an initial version (1.0) in September 2015 which fixes 32 episodes over 11 series – so far, so good.
But as you know, the further a project advances, the higher the possiblity is that newer episodes are released with errors and some older errors may have been left unnoticed (Haganai).
To put an end to all this, I’ve thought of including all ‘loose’ patches, such as those for Daimaou, Toradora and MagiPoka (read: Patches that have been provided with the batch torrent and separately), as well as everything people have and will be listing here.

The 24th of December 2015 will mark the release date of the Final Patch 1.5 and will include fixes for over 70 episodes so you can tell the errors goodbye once and for all.
Until the 22th, you are able (and highly encouraged) to add any errors you found to the above linked table and improve the release.
I will be doing my best to create the respective xdelta patches and write up a lengthy but necessary instruction sheet so everything goes well (and test it myself, of course).

Ongoing series are NOT affected by the final patch and will be dealt with respectively.

Final Patch (finally)

Over the years, numerous series and other episodes have been released by me along with minor to major errors inside the sub scripts.
The so-called “Final Patch” will apply fixes throughout my releases, based on the table seen here.

If you wish to apply the patch on any of the above listed releases, simply move the respective file(s) into the patch folder and start [Tsundere] Final_Patch.bat

Xdelta will then look for existing files matching the above CRC(s) and patch accordingly. You may delete the old file afterwards as it becomes obsolete upon completion. Once you are done with patching all files you wish, you can move them out of the patch folder and delete said folder.

This mostly covers the Instructions.pdf – you can view detailed information either on the table or inside the pdf.
What the pdf does NOT cover are the CRCs for Vanadis, so here you have them:
E08(v3): 9C324BF | v4: 5279A168
Sp4: DE82072F | v2: A484DD46
That said, enjoy patching.

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