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Haruhi and the subs…

Okay guys n gals (as if), I’m in the process of encoding Haruhi episodes from the “Super” BD Box which is just as shit as the first one – let’s name it “Project Code:Tsun”.
The episodes will be released as 720p only with flac audio at a low crf and only light filtering, so that’s cool.
I’m going to do the main series, the movie and the OVAs – I’m NOT going to do the Yuki Nagato spinoff.
Of course, there’s gonna be a 1080p of the movie.
The problem is, as for Haruhi:


There’s Hitsuji (afk-based) for S01 but not S02,
Mazui for S02 but no S01,
the PGS subs that came with the BD,
Chihiro and Doki,
and lastly, a random find for both seasons tagged “Suzumiya_Haruhi_no_Yuuutsu_Ep01_[720p,BluRay,x264].ENG” – never seen this before and I can’t connect it to a group but whatever, they’re at least typeset… I guess it’s an R1-edit.

Halp a bro out :)