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A notice regarding Illya 2wei and Herz

I finally took the opportunity of fixing the names by adding Liner to the filenames.
This affects both 2wei and 2wei Herz and the respective specials, yet no content has changed so if you are already done donwloading and want to help me seed, please change the filename accordingly.
That’d be all, move on~

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! BDRip

Well, wow.

A few words to enclose this; I’d have chosen a different release picture but eh…
Subs by Hiryuu, credits for encoding to snowfag, Saeval and me, for specials to Mori, Areki and Lann094.

The series is native 720p but since I did the previous versions in 1080, might as well…
I think I’ll do 3rei! for the sake of completeness too, so you can skip asking that question.
With Index done as well, this only leaves 48 epsiodes of Higurashi, 24(+4?) of Evangelion, Bakemono no Ko, 50 Episodes Code Geass, the Digimon Tri movies, Lucky Star, Sabagebu Specials, Hyouka, Needless, House of Five Leaves, Koihime Musou Season 1, OreImo (1+2?), SAO II and Season 1, both K-On Seasons, Shigatsu wa Kimi Uso, Musaigen, Schwarzesmarken and Muv Luv Alternative.

720p: Torrent (NT)
1080p: Torrent (NT)

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! 02/10+6

More lolis, more Kuro, more yuri etc… here goes~
This time, the release features Hiryuu (main) and Mori (SP; mod.) subs, as well as two flavors of resolution (720/1080) exclusive to this series because snowfag wanted it.
Do not ask me about dual audio/different resolutions/series that are not moe – I don’t do any of these.
Vol.2 soon.

Torrent 720p (NT)
Torrent 1080p (NT)