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Kaze no Stigma DVDs

Okay it’s done.
New encodes, little less haloing at the expense of losing details.
The source was utter shit to start with and I cba to scenefilter it… shut up and deal with it.
All 24 episodes have been checked multiple times, yet may or may not be 100% perfect (Hint).

Being one of my first tsundere anime series I’ve ever seen, KnS holds a special value to me – even more now that I am, after three years of forth and back, finally done fucking myself over with it.

Subs: R1
Video, Audio: R2ISOs
Rest: Me



Kaze no Stigma and the principle of my project

Scenario 1: People complain about ringing
Solution 1: Do not care
Solution 2: Care and reencode episodes

I went with 2.

Scenario 2: Deringing leads to killing details – people complain about that
Solution 1: Do not care
Solution 2: Care and do magicfilterthatpolishesANYvideo()
Solution 3: Do not care anymore, drop torrents and releases and keep it for myself only.

I went with 3.

Enjoy looking for a release.