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Electric AMV

Worship my waifu!

The karaoke is strong in this one, so I hardsubbed the script. Sourced from the BD and pictures and selfmade wallpapers from my hard disk, I somewhat proudly present my AMV of that one Criminal Minds-Dance-Hiphop-Club-Song: The DNC – Electric; starring well, guess who.
The video was done in Adobe Premiere if you want to know and as I don’t have much experience with said monstrous video editor, this is what you’ll have to make do with for the time being. I may or may not improve the video – I can however ensure that it’s absolutely adorable and it looks decent due to all sources being at least 1080p, so yay. Oh yeah, since I’m pretty much burned out, you get an encore (x2) after the second hook instead of the bridge but that hardly matters.

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