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Netoge BDs

About one year ago, I thought about how it’d be cool to do a weekly series – this.
It started off as a simple CR edit with memes removed and somehow turned into a full-blown project involving various people from everywhere.

As the TV airing was over, BDs were nowhere to be found until April 2017 so the project was temporarily stalled.
Thanks to a certain user, I managed to pull the publically unavailable Volumes 3 to 6 to my local machine and went ahead.
The updated scripts feature few to many corrections concerning timing/TSing, so downloading this version should be preferred over the TV release from 2016.

That being said, I’m somewhat glad its over because Netoge wasn’t that good of a series.

Torrent (NT)

Netoge BDs 02/12

Coincidentially my encode is just about the same size as Beatrice-Raws’, no idea how that came to be.
Subs by… well… Tsundere – eps 3-4 are in the making.
Tiny improvements done to the TV script(s).


Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta (BS11)

Okay we’re done.
This post encloses the first and only direct TV fansub project I’m doing with others at Tsundere as it’s way too much of a hassle with my work schedule and all.
Staff listing:
Editor: llyyr (1+)
QC: cruelnoise (3+)
TLC: Tobikage (4+)
Encodes: neko-raws (5+)
OCR: Yogicat (7)
OPED: Mori

Next up, well, are the Blurays for which I might consider a joint with a certain group… we’ll see.
Essentially, since I’m staff in both groups, it doesn’t matter much.
Script mistakes and small improvements will be made to the scripts as I release the volumes, as usual.
You may also expect a bunch of series soon, such as NNB S2, OreImo S2 and K-On S2.
Until then, do enjoy your stay and feel free to report errors to me via IRC or the table.

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