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Netoge 05/12

I’m too lazy to type out the name…
neko-raws has provided us with a raw this week as he offered to encode it last week but I totally forgot about it and stuff happened and a v2 got released on IRC and shit was upside down and I got a job now; thus the delay.

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Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta 720p 02 (BS11)

And here we go; less debanding, more details and more mpeg2stinks.
OPED special thanks fly out to Mori for TLing those.
What else?
Ako so MMMMOOOOEEEEEE and Nishimura is gay.

Edit: Just when I thought everythign was okay, I thought of the trimming error and how I didn’t shift the subs one frame back. v2 fixes that issue and is patchable.
Have a Patch

and Torrents (NT) | Torrent (AD) | Torrent (ML) <-later

Torrent (AD) | Torrent (NT) | Torrent (ML)

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta 720p 01(v2)

Hideki Nishimura confessed to a person he thought was a girl online, only for that person to turn out to be a boy.
He keeps this “black history” secret and swears to never to trust a “girl” online again.
However, one day a girl online confesses to him, and it turns out she’s actually a beautiful girl named Ako Tamaki.
Ako cannot tell the difference between the online world and reality, and she is a loner who has trouble communicating.
Hideki and his friends from his guild decide to work together to “correct” her.


Subs by Funi, edited to remove all those retarded memes, properly timed and lazymode-typeset.
OPED whenever the official lyrics are released.
It’s obvious I’ll be taking part in releasing the Blurays.
Oh right, it’s ATX if that matters… sourced from Leopard.

Yeah I was minding my business when suddenly llyyr contacted me and offered to edit.
So here you go, rest is the same.
And have a patch while I’m at it.

Episodes 2 onwards will be done from the BS11 .ts as it seems ATX will air the censored version (if at all) plus BS11 has way better video.

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