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Trackers, Caches, Reseeding and idiots

I’m not jumping on the NT replacement(s) – none of them.
Releases will be uploaded to anidex and minglong as long as I deem it reasonable.
Be wary that none of the releases appearing on clone sites are “officially” affiliated with Tsundere.
As always, exceptions apply and so, nyaapantsu is a somewhat legit source – they’re the only people who actually contacted me and offered to support a possible migration (which is a nice move for showing care towards users).

Secondly, I’m willing to reseed ANY release upon request.
The versioning of episode numbers will be the same as on [XDCC]Botan (post FP1.5).
Just use the comments or bug me via IRC.

Since Nyaatorrents is gone…

Let’s upload a lot of releases to anidex (again)!
I’m having a VERY GOOD time with this; recreating all the torrents.
There won’t be individual release posts for the renewed ones, rather I’m just batching up what I can and post the listing here.
Please be aware that I’m not reseeding any torrent released prior to March 2017 – if you want them, there’s XDCC.
Anidex Torrent Listing
Edit: Aaand it seems AD is completely overloaded, well derp.
I’ll figure out stuff… there’s still minglong working properly.
I’ve already uploaded the latest torrents, Clannad aside, there and made them available.
Be wary that there’s no RSS atm for Minglong since it seems required to bug minglong himself about it.
Minglong Torrent Listing


Now stop crying, jeez.

Merry Christmas, people!

Just like the title says, Merry Christmas to everyone from the two of us.
In case you wonder how we spend our Christmas holidays, Kyou will be lazing around all day while I work my ass off in a restaurant.

Same shit every year, just a different ending number.


(Un-)drop it like it’s hot

So essentially, there’s a few series that I’d like to give a status for as the conditions have changed over the years.

Koihime Musou is slowly being prepared to be worked on, so one might expect something in some time.
Needless can be resumed whenever I got my harddisks back – the BDs are unfortunately stored on one of ’em.
Da Capo might also be an excellent option to spend some time with, although a rather lengthy and possibly annoying series to work on.
I might also give in to the Shana franchise depending on what choices there are; likely not many since the BDs were shit in the first place.
Other plans are the Penguin Musume Heart ONA with -improved- Chihiro-scripts, REC TV with Yoroshiku scripts, as well as K-On S2 and Ore no Imouto S2 yay.
As for Gokujo, well, I might work on a BD version under another, very secret label.
This also may apply to EVA, Triage X, ItsuTen (lol- wait…), LoLHeroes and other titles.

Please update your RSS and trackerlisting

I’m not uploading to NTorrents anymore.
Please align your RSS if using it as I will be switching to anidex.
TT feeds will not be affected, instead they’ll only feature a new tracker.
A certain group leader felt it necessary to report my release to a certain staff in order to tag my release as remake and they actually did it despite there was no release in three years for KWMS.
Seems I was good enough to distro for them and shift subs on 15 series over the time, but that’s it.
I will be doing my planned re-seed via anidex and minglong – now it’s come to me being in kindergarten again.
To give you a treat, said reseed will include the current versioning numbers (post FPatch 1.5) so you won’t have to patch anything after downloading.
I’m too old for this shit…
RSS is already set to grab the latest uploads.

Consult my anidex profile for status, latest torrents and magnets.

2016 plans

Okay, I’ve got the following series planned:
-Musaigen BDs
-MuvLuv Alternative BDs
-Schwarzesmarken BDs
-AniTore EX BDs
-Index S02 BDs
-House of Five Leaves DVDs
-Final Patch v2

My server outrage has greatly thrown me back by like three weeks, so I wasn’t able to release and there are exams coming up by the end of January, so I might not have the time for scripts and whatnot.
I’ve moved to a new, faster server by now and the data transfer is almost done, so you may expect Botan to be back up shortly…

That’d be all.

Server issues

Guess I’ll have to make it official, don’t I?
I’m experiencing severe server issues at the moment which might lead to me having to switch servers and the alongside enviroment.
Having done pretty much everything I’m aware of to fix such a thing didn’t do enough justice – meaning the server is unusable for my needs right now.
I cant say when it’s going to be back up but I’m doing my best to make it work as soon/fast as possible.

By the way, that’s the reason why I haven’t put out new releases.

In order to keep you up to date…

There have been some changes to my projects as of late:

-Hyouka: torchlight and ralnic are revising the current scripts. This means 01+02 will get a v2 no matter what and the remaining episodes will make use of said revised scripts

-Lucky Star: I jointed up with ANE, meaning LS gets some v3s (pls) for 01-04 and a new set of raws

-Kaze no Stigma: Having learned how to deal with most R2DVDs finally enables me to do this project and finish it once and for all. You’ll get a completely new approach on KnS except for the subs still being R1 (mod.)

-House of Five Leaves: Yep, isos are there…

-Final Patch v1.5: Will be released at the 24th December as a christmas present to you impatient leechers. It’ll contain further fixes for series like Haganai, depending on what has been added to the table until then. It will also include all previous single-episode-patches, just in case you’ve missed one of them.

-Needless: I might undrop it

-Illya Herz: Soon