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No further questions.

Sidenote: With Digimon, the Tsundere release count has reached the number 100, spread across 1400 episodes/ovas/movies and taking up 1.25TB HDD space.
I can’t say I expected Tsundere to last this long, given that I lost my fileserver twice (2014+2017), my blogger got nuked (2015), drugs & life (1989-present & 2003-present), fansubbing has died years ago (2014) and lastly, the constant tracker switching (2014-2018)… but life’s just like that, eh.

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NNBR BDs 01-06

CGDCT on the countryside; season 2.
As everyone else, I’m using Vivid for the main series plus Mori’s script for the OVA.
I like how they made the showlogo a face.
Originally, NNBR was set to be released a year ago but >stuff happened and I stalled it.
The second half should be out by tomorrow since these episodes take almost no time to work on (as expected), so I’m just left with encoding the ova and possibly some changes in the respective script.
I have no idea why I postponed NNBR for so long.

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