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Penguin Musume Heart DVDRip

And we’re done over here… consider PMH completed!
Subs are sourced from (Kira-)Chihiro with minor to major improvements made to the scripts.
I blame Kira for the terrible state the scripts were in, too.
PMH took a little more than a year (~14 months) to finish which is not a bad timeframe, considering that I encoded it twice and also completed Kannazuki no Miko, Noir, Bikini Warriors (twice), Netoge (twice), Urara, FMP S1+2 and the ToS OVA during 2017.
This version ultimately goes without OPED – if anyone ever shows up and TLs it, I’ll revamp it.
Also, if there’s any notable errors, feel free to tell me.

Torrent (NT)

PMH DVDs 17+18

The references are strong with this series.

Now, it’s been pointed out that the term “Uruz” is being handled inconsistently throughtout FMPS03. This one’s an error on my part for mishearing the word as “Urzu” and I strongly believe that’s what the scripts said for S01 and S02.
Anyways, for S03 I’m going with “Uruz ” since that’s what a paper displayed in ep06.

Torrent (NT)

PMH DVDs 15+16

Well here we are with only 7 more episodes to go.
The release still lacks an OPED-TL because fansubbing died a while ago but if there’s anyone popping up with a translation, I’ll happily revise the scripts.

So far, so good. Move on.

Torrent (NT)

Penguin Musume Heart DVDs 06/23

I just realized that the very last signs at the end of each ep are not what the subs say but the respective title of the following episode.
Also, ep01-03 are named wrongly: the audio is NOT flac, but ac3.
If you feel like seeding the full batch whenever it’s done, you should rename those.