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Short notice concerning the current state

Yea so, I’ve moved house recently and my ISP is being extremely retarded porting over the connection to my new home.
Also I’m working a lot of extra hours at the moment at work and thus am too dead to work on fansubs.


Oh come on Nyaatorrents

A few may have noticed I had to switch trackers because I got a remake for doing a release FFF hasn’t done shit to in three freaking years.
Laying aside that I used to be FFF staff, a certain Commie staff member then used twitter to share his ‘utterly important’ statement, called me “ragequitting”.
So I inquired him to that what quickly resulted in a kickban from their irc which I didn’t really mind.
What I do mind tho, is that he disassociated all my torrents from my account because he’s scared of me deleting all of my torrents like a 13 years old kid.
I don’t deny having deleted 3-4 but it’s my fucking choice you son of a bitch and the affected torrents were just a few batches..
But no, that’s not all: My server is unable to upload torrents but announces work fine, so it’s only letting me seed my disassociated torrents from now on.
If that’s not true, why do I get a teapot error on my server and why does it work fine from home?

This in fact does upset me.
I’d highly advise you people to refrain from using Nyaatorrents any further since that’s the way a long-time uploader who puts work into his releases gets treated for choosing a replacement -> like shit.

Goddamn autist… and thanks for the free advertising your dumb twatter posts have gotten interested readers to get here.
Maybe they’ll realize how childish and pathetic your behaviour is.

ISIS and you?

Imagine: you woke up and it was suddenly war.
How fucked are you?
Very, very fucked.
With the recent bombings in Paris, France, terrorists have taken a massive step towards a third world war.
It won’t be much longer before they’ll hit Germany, my home country.

Over 25.000 people have read my blog within the past six weeks so it’s safe to assume my word is being read and I even want you to do it:
I want you to know that I hate terrorism,
I want you to acknowledge terrorists have no right to live and should be executed (read: EX-E-CU-TED) right on the spot,
I want you to take ANY neccessities against those ISIS lowlifes – slap em, cut their wrists, murder them,
I want the world to be free from a terrorist group which forces thier medival standards
on western countries,
I want you to take a deep breath,
I want you to support refugees from all over the world to the degree you can support them
by your own means,
I want you to treat terrorists like the worst kind of shit, think of them as shit and nothing but shit, look down on them and spit on their graves,
I want politics to actually ACT THE FUCK UP and do preemptive measurements concerning an upcoming mass exodus instead of repairing streets and then put their hands over their heads as if it’s something they could absolutely not have foreseen (It’s been war in Syria for years – goddamn),
I want you to finally notice that religious fanatism is making your own religion laughable,
and I want you to NOT BE MISLED by the media, such as television since all they do is point out negativities.

And lastly, I want you to know about how I think of ISIS: it’s the worst kind of shit-thinking group of subhuman beings that’s ever happened to humanity and I honestly wish for everyone participating in it to have a very painful, slow and really gruesome death.

I’m not going to elaborate my positon using empirical statistics to keep it objective – no, this is personal and strictly subjective.
Terrorism affects everyone and as long you’re not one of them, you should be nodding right now.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day/morning/evening.


Common commoner’s complaints

So basically, people ask dumb things.
This isn’t only limited to apparently dumb people but often applies to them.
To point out, how dumb the stuff they write really is, I’ve done a list:

>I never do 720p for 1080p releases
>bruh where muh 720p

>is this subbed

>you used Salender
>Saeval encoded the video

>I retire
>Suddenly thousands of requests on series

>is this uncensored (when talking BD)

>uses Asenshi-Vivid
>I want Asenshi-Vivid

>uses UTW
>bruh pl2use not UTW

>I can’t work on a broken DVD and thus drop the series
>bruh stop dropping all your shit

>blog dies
>I do tumblr
> >tumblr

>Vanadis ep8 is X

>original script doesn’t have signs
>bruh muh signs wher

>X released
>Y where

>Clannad release intentionally is 300GB
> >300GB

>release uncensored hentai BD with spliced in DVD content
>y u not rls DVD with spliced in BD content
>y u no rls 2 versions

Goddamn people!
I may extend this list as I see stupidity passing by in order to enlighten you folks.