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Shuffle BDs 07-12

I suppose I should mention a few things with this.
Silly me hasn’t checked the episodes for an existing OPED-TL (which did exist), so episodes 01-06 get a v2; which results in the fabulous birth of the wonderful filename “[Tsundere] Shuffle (v2) – 01v2 […].mkv” and so on.
The full batch will also include ep00, the Prologue, using Kira’s subs as base.
No idea why they would release this in 1080p with aac audio, but yep.
I’m also working on a new set of banners featuring other tsundere guest appearances but it’ll take me a while to come up with a neat way of displaying those.

Torrent (NT)

Shuffle! BDs 06/24+1

Seven years after the first release of Shuffle!, it is as always my utmost pleasure to provide you guys with a revised version of the series.
The old scripts were in a quite bad state, so I fixed stuff here and there, retimed a lot and took the results onto new raws from the BDBox, disabling the possibility for a patch.
I’d highly recommend getting the 2018 version over the 2011-one.
Shuffle! Memories is a 12ep recap with no additional content aside from the fantastic ep12, which can be considered the OVA to Shuffle! – as earlier, I’ll provide only that one.
Unfortunately the BDs aren’t good enough for a 1080p version, so 720p is what we go with.

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Shuffle! gets a revision

Following my tradition of revamping old projects from my early days, it is now about damn time to overhaul Shuffle!, which is the first full 2cour series released under Tsundere.
Back in February 2011, the project consisted of ZeroRaws and badly done R1 scripts, mostly due to my lack of experience with fansubs.
The improved version’s gonna be also 720p, but with new video and revised/restyled scripts.
Akin to the initial release, I’m going to do ep01-24 plus Memories 12 (the OVA) and leave it at that… noone needs a 12ep recap of a 24ep series.

I think that’s all so far.
Please don’t ask me about the status of other series as pestering me won’t yield you a thing anyways :)