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Tales of Symphonia OVA (again) United Worlds Arc ep02v2

Have a patch right here,

a fun notice that actually the Tethe’alla + Sekai Tougou-hen Episodes are 8bit, not 10bit as tagged in the filenames and thus, this episode will have the 8bit tag in the filename after patching.
I’m not even doing a new batch release torrent as I presume people to be too stupid
to rename their existing files before hashing.
Now that you know this, also have a torrent for the fixed episode.

Torrent (NT)

Tales of Symphonia BDs again

I’m not dead, I just work a lot lately.
It’s been a while since I released the Sylvarant Arc and finally found some interest in completing the remaining seven episodes; starting with Ep01 and Formula subs (restyled and stuff) just like the first arc.
Had to work with Final8 subs for OVA3ep2+3 and I gotta say they were terrible, given that F8 already “improved” the initial Formula scripts.

Oh, did you also know that this adorable tsundere shares family names and character sidekicks (and looks to a degree) with this adorable tsundere?

Edit: Okay it’s done.

Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)