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Tsuyokiss (2018 rerelease) DVDs

And we’re done over here.
The overall product is quite okay I suppose, but I don’t want to work with old dvds anymore as the picture quality is usually horrible and a pain to encode without scenefiltering.
Tsuyokiss is based on the hardsubbed TV release by AnimeU&Serin (e01), Serin (e02-e03), YourMom (e04-e12) with an added OPED-TL by Neibs, TLC/Edit by Insemination+me, numerous TLs (Oosran, DTryPleX, Neibs, lygerzero0zero, puddizzle, convexity) worked on the SPs and also small bits suggested by various IRC users all over rizon whose names I don’t remember right now {the scripts know more}.
While the series itself isn’t really a killer, also in terms of animation/sound quality (remember, Clannad, EF, TTGL & Claymore were 2007), it can be seen as a trademark series of this fansub project with four main/side characters embodying different forms of the tsundere character (even MC-kun lol).
Personally, while I don’t mind one or two of this archetype, four of them being squeezed into a 12ep anime, combined with “sudden-random-mostly-terrible-fanservice” is a bit overload – but still not as bland as the two main characters are.

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Tsuyokiss DVDs 05-08

That’s (not) what she said!
Tsuyokiss gives off the same nonsensical random humour Wasshoi and Mayoi Neko had.
Although it’s described in the episodes, I deem it necessary to explain that Sunao is afraid/angered of radish (daikon) because Leo called her one in the past – as a compliment. However, “daikon” also describes a bad actor, so Sunao took it as an insult. tldr; Both characters are dumb as fuck.
I redid the typesetting  that got released in a fucked-up state and fixed some minor timing issues.

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Tsuyokiss DVDs 01-04

A little over five years ago, I finished the Tsuyokiss project which had really introduced me to doing stuff with subs as there were no ready-to-use scripts, just two sets of preshared raws and an xvid-release on BBT.
So, I went ahead and started manually retyping the subs from the hardsub-release since SubRip didn’t help much OCRing them due to the crappy font and colors.
Over the course, a bunch of people helped me finishing the series, resulting in a completely reinterpreted script for all episodes, as each subtitle file was re-TLC’d, edited and retimed etcetc.
You can watch me doing ep10 in a 5minute version >here<.
Skipping days to mid-2015; something made me look for the DVDs themselves (or just new raws) but to no avail, so I checked the usual sources every now and then until last year, when Etzimal offered to buy them all and share those with me before making the discs public.
The 2018 release features fresh (R2J-)encodes from the isos and revised scripts that should generally be superior to the 2012-version of Tsuyokiss.
There’s some mpeg2 blocking in high-motion scenes left, since deblocking filters can (and my tests did) nuke the rest of the episode (w/o scenefiltering), but you’ll see the video is mainly static since there’s not much happening in it.
That said, there you have episodes 01-04 of 12.

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Tsuyokiss v2 is happening

Etzimal bought the DVDs, so here we go again.
Together with fresh video, I’ll rework the scripts here and there to ensure maximum placebo while watching.
Tsuyokiss was my first series project at Tsundere back in 2011 with a complete batch release in October 2012.
What makes this series so great is that it spawns not only one, but five tsundere characters.
At that point, it was a port of the TL by AnimeU&Serin (ep1) / Serin (ep2-3) / YourMom (ep4-12) / Neibs (OPED) and TLC’d, modified by 3 Editors, then retimed  with additional translated extra scenes between the episode parts and— screw that, I don’t remember every person who was involved…
Oosran did a great bunch, lyger, Neibs, Insemination, Jak and others provided additional help on different roles.