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TTGL BDs 07-09

Live for the tsun, die for the dere!
This last release for today contains episodes 7-9 including Kamina’s death.
I’ve also put my hands on Kaicho wa Maid-sama ep03 but I gave up tsing after a while… KWMS is gonna take a loooong time, after all.
However, Tsuyokiss episodes 05-08 are being encoded and will most likely surface tomorrow afternoon or early evening.

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Gurren Lagann BDs 04-06

This just in Kamina’s face — Falcon Punch! (actually there’s a double-entendre in this sentence)
Also includes the special 12min ep05.5 “My Gurren is Shining!!”, which ‘can’ be considered TTGL’s OVA, although I found it to be pretty pointless (even for an OVA), but you’ll see.
The visual quality is considerably worse than the main series due to whatever reason; it just looks cheap and that’s not (just) because of the high crf that the video was encoded with.
The script is mainly [DEXA] who took it from Nyoro~n, now with actually decent timing, loltsing and proper styles (same as the main series ofc).
I dunno who was responsible for the timing, but s/he should instantly quit fansubbing.
That’s all so far.

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Gurren Lagann BDs 01-03

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (roughly “Heaven-Piercing Crimson Face”) is what happens when Studio Gainax is asked to create a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Lonely orphan Simon (pronounced “SHI-mon” in Japanese and “SEE-moan” in the English dub) lives in an underground village, digging for ancient artifacts and eating pigmoles.
His self-appointed big brother, Kamina, is a hot-headed badass who dreams of going to the “Surface” as his father did (despite the village elder constantly saying the “Surface” doesn’t exist).
One fateful day, Simon discovers a strange drill-shaped key and, soon after, a pint-sized mecha which responds to the key. While taking an unapproved excursion to see it, Simon and Kamina are interrupted by the village elder… then by the roof of the village collapsing… then by a massive, bestial, robotic head… and then by Yoko, a young woman with a very big gun (and very little clothing) firing at said beast-mecha—a “Gunmen”.
Thus begins a rollercoaster ride of Fanservice, over-the-top fight scenes between mecha, hot-bloodedness, epic sunglasses, massive badassery, and mind-blowing heroism.

Decided to pick up TTGL after Lenmaer talked me into it.
Other reasons for doing it: Yoko, mechas, the EG scripts are bad as they probably didn’t check what tpp did, and another time Yoko because she’s the series’ resident tsundere.
The Gurren Lagann project will include the 27ep series with modified R1 subs (EG=R1), in 720p, the movies in 1080p and also the OVA (05.5). I’m not doing the main series in 1080p because the BDs were bad, so don’t ask me about that.

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