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Happy Birthday, Kyou!

All systems normal, working as supposed to.
>I’ve specifically asked to have this day off work – six weeks ago, five weeks ago, a week ago and three days ago
>Colleagues keep calling me to help out at work
Is this today’s “weird” plan?
Let’s see what happens…

Happy birthday Kyou

Guess whose b-day it is, folks.
I’m already anticipating as to what is gonna happen today, like how I got my money back last year.
I love you~

Edit: It has happened! Again!
I’m short on finances at the moment and forced to pay some 450eur today – which I don’t have due to my paycheck usually being processed around the 15th.
So what happened was; I checked my bank account to see how much money I would be able to spend on food for the weekend until I’d be flat-ass broke,
But instead of a hellish negative amount of money on it, my paycheck had arrived six days early for no apparent reason, means I’m not in danger of losing everything anymore.
Just like that.
And on top of that, my friend’s father called up to me, asking me to update his paperworks (OCR 40 pages) and make him a website – for 1500€.
This is the second time that odd stuff happens on Kyou’s birthday which saves my ass.
Now you tell me that I’m insane, bitches.


The final puzzle

Looks like this – isn’t she adorable?
I decided to frame it instead of glueing together in order to prevent suicide thoughts if it were to fall apart at one point.
The last thing I need to do is hang it on my wall whenever I get the necessary dowels since it’s weight is like 4kg now (☞゚∀゚)☞