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Warcraft 3 in 2020?

So there’s currently that abomination being born called WC3 Reforged.
It sucks, don’t play it.

Instead, do the following:
1.) Get your old WC3 TFT v1.27b from somewhere, doesn’t matter.
2.) Grab Gameranger and register.
3.) https://discord.gg/64TYwY <- go here for a small community of oldfags.
4.) ????
5.) Play the game! With me!

It’s just as easy as that.
You can use 1.26 although I’ve been told most people there use v1.27b.

In case you have an older version, patch v1.27b is here.
In case it errors, put the patch into your wc3 folder.
In case it still errors due to missing install path, open regedit and create a new string under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III named InstallPath, then set your wc3 folder as value.
If you wonder why Reforged sucks so much just google it.
You will be utterly disappointed.